At Roscoe Chiropractic Centre we strongly believe in the importance of community outreach programs and partnerships. We believe that we have a social responsibility to give back and contribute to the development and improvement of, not only Roscoe/Rockton, but the entire region as well.


Roscoe Chiropractic Centre supports several worthwhile organizations in the community through our Roscoe Chiropractic Centre Gives Back program. Each patient in our office that completes their initial care plan has the option to donate the cost of their re-exam to a charity in the Rockford Area. We began this program in May of 2018 and are excited to be able to continually support these groups who are doing such valuable work. The charities that we support with this program are

and Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary


We would like to thank the following people for their participation in this program!

Stephanie Meier                                                 Alexis Devlin                                           Zach Paulson                                                    

Rob Butz                                                            Logan Paulson                                        Karl Koester

Sue Alexander                                                   Braxton Brown                                        Dana Brown

Holly Richardson                                               The Eiss Family                                       Olyva Liddell

Toni Brown                                                         Eldon Zipse                                             Tracy Knight

Natalie Richards                                                Terry Johnson                                          Janet Hunt

Eric Summer                                                      Randy Hunt                                             Joann Cleland

Jeff Wishop                                                        James Korleski                                        Ruth Melles​​​

Judy Bailey                                                        Christina Todora                                      Jennifer Corwin

Ron Granath                                                      Joanne Kewish                                        Bobbi Makinen

Jill Alms                                                             Jamie Cootware                                       Lynne Nelson

Raina Wood                                                       Emma Rose Sachs                                  Robin Burt

Joe Ellyn Treadman                                           Isabelle Insko                                          Cindy Powalish

Dominick Doyle                                                  Jim Keith                                                 Virginia Martin

Georgina Fagan.                                                Nancy Yost                                              Kathy Sipe

Richard Earle                                                    Jean Dzielak                                             Shirley Swanson

Miranda Devlin                                                 Cherise Hicklin                                         Kris Anderson

Ralph Pedrick                                                   Mary McGill                                              Susan Willis

Scott Thompson                                               Gary Mortenson                                       Pam Gustafson

​​​​​​​Susan Fagan                                                    Robb Summer                                         Amanda Steinhagen

​​​​​​​Joe Prieve Jr.                                                   Gloria Martelin                                         Robin Lowe

Phyllis Nagel                                                    Carole Perrin                                           Linda Greenfield

​​​​​​​The Pitterle Family                                           Darcy McCoy                                           Patrice Doyle

Jan Johnson                                                     Dale Bigger                                             Pennie Handy

Christine Steinhagen                                        Jean Bishop                                            Randy McIntyre

Renee McArdle                                                 Jane Anderson                                       Jan Honkamp

​​​​​​​Heidi Paulson                                                    Larry Bowes                                           Dennis Brooks

Marsha Slagell                                                  Gary Powalish                                        John Rockey

​​​​​​​Tim Bolander                                                    Tim Bolander                                           Deb Adams

Mary Zipse                                                        Donna Granath                                       Richard Olson

Mary Jo Olson                                                  Cynthia Boyer                                         Sharon Boyer

John Richards                                                  Doris Fischer                                           Nancy Wise

Cheralyn Wolf                                                   Sandra Keckler                                       Pat Onken

Bonnie Sundberg                                             Joann Happel                                         Mary Happel

Vicki Schulz                                                     Julie Willmer                                            Bonnie Mundell

​​​​​​​Don Mundell                                                    Jamie Lohmeier                                       Deb Heasley

​​​​​​​Kevin Heasley                                                 Holly Nehls                                               Debbie Meiborg


Dr. Chris is also proud to be a Pioneer Regent of Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC..

The Board of Regents provides for the advancement of Sherman College. Its members have been a major source of funding for the college annual fund since its inception in 1977. Regents are leaders in the profession and participate in activities that give visibility and stature to Sherman College. Whether through speaking engagements, legislative roles, student referrals, or financial support, regents are an effective and vital group.

She is also a member of the college's ROAR program. The Sherman College of Chiropractic Reach Out and Recruit (ROAR) Program is designed to mentor and inspire the next generation of chiropractors.  We’re introducing students to an amazing career – serving in a health field, helping people with a natural approach to health, and making a difference in the lives of others.  Our members span the entire globe and all have two things in common – their love for Sherman and chiropractic!  

Dr. Chris and his wife, Dr. Brett, are also proud supporters of the Palmer Family Residence in Davenport, Iowa. 

The Palmer Family Residence (or Mansion) on the Palmer campus has been preserved by the College because of its place in Iowa history, Davenport history and chiropractic history.

The Residence was home to B.J. and Mabel Palmer from 1912 until their deaths, Mabel in 1949 and B.J. in 1961. Their son  Dave was raised in the house, and it was also home to various relatives that spent summers with "Uncle B.J." and "Aunt Mamie."

The Residence was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 because of the uniqueness of the porch, a showplace of the Palmer collections. Although the house only holds a fraction of the collections once owned by the Palmers, it is still a wonderful example of the collecting mania that gripped the world travelers of that era.

Recently, Dr. Chris and Dr. Brett adopted a stained glass window so it could be restored to its original beauty!