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Finding My Home Through Chiropractic

Dr. Chris J. Rini, DC

I was not raised in a Chiropractic family and did not go to a Chiropractor growing up (although I wish I would have!). When I was trying to figure out what wanted to do with the rest of my life, I started my educational journey in architecture school, but after a visit to a friend who was in Chiropractic college at the time, I was inspired to discover how misalignments (subluxations) in the spine can affect people's health and well being. In architecture school we learned that form follows function, I was fascinated to learn that rule applied not only to the design of buildings but also to the design of the human body!


I have always been interested in how things work and having a reason for doing what I do. I have spent countless hours researching and developing my approach to give each patient the best care possible. When I was still a student at Palmer, I attended a seminar by Dr. Vern Pierce. Dr. Pierce was a 1955 graduate of Palmer who was dedicated to finding the best way to adjust his patients. Like me, he was dedicated to developing a system of adjusting which focused on specific adjustments of the first two vertebra of the neck (the atlas and axis); maintaining and restoring the natural curves of the spine;  and using moving x-ray (videofluoroscopy) to be better able to see exactly which segments are not moving correctly, so I can specifically target those areas when I am adjusting you. In the 1980's, Dr. Pierce came to the realization that the best way to be specific when adjusting the segments of the spine was through the use of an adjusting instrument. I studied under Dr. Pierce for many years, and his developments and discoveries form the foundation of the system that I still use today when I am evaluating and adjusting my patients.


I have been at Roscoe Chiropractic Centre since 1996. I worked alongside Dr. Mike Buskohls where I further learned and developed my adjusting skills through his mentorship. Practicing on my own since 2001, I have continued to provide specific, gentle, effective adjustments to the stateline area. Over the last 20 plus years in the community, raising my kids here, and developing lifelong friendships this area has become my true home. I still enjoy every facet of patient care: from newborn babies, to ninety year olds, men, women, athletes, expectant mothers, etc… It is a joy for me to come to the office each and every day and help people to live their best life.

Dr. Chris Rini

Dr. Chris currently is a Beacon Member of the Illinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association; he is also a member of the International Chiropractors Association. Dr. Chris is also a speaker at Dynamic Essentials, for more information about DE visit their website at www.lifede.com

Chiropractic Gave Me Life

 Brett L. Casanova-Rini, BS, DC, LCP

            Some of my first memories are of time spent with my dad, and his patients, in his office. I remember talking to them in the waiting room, watching in the adjusting rooms, and “helping” in any way I could as a small child. I didn’t know the philosophy, or science of Chiropractic, but I knew I felt better after I got adjusted, and on some level I knew that everyone else did too. As a child, you seem to understand things instinctively, and I could feel the warmth, love, humor, and health every time I entered my dad’s office.

I also remember big families, with what seemed like dozens of children coming in for care. Years later I asked my dad about one family in particular, a large family that came to get adjusted together every week. He told me that they were a family of three generations who came in regularly to be checked for subluxations (nerve interference). The grandparents, grown children, and grandchildren would all pour into the office to see my dad. Because of seeing the families that would come in regularly, and caring for countless families myself, when people ask if Chiropractic is good for people of all ages, my response is immediate: of course! I can’t imagine my grandmother not being checked, or my parents, or me as a child. After all, I wouldn’t be here without it!

I have been blessed to know from a very young age that I wanted to be a Chiropractor. Okay, there was a week my freshman year of high school that I wanted to be an actress. What was I thinking!? LOL After that week, I came back to my senses and was on a fast track to realizing my dream ever since. My dad started me on my journey of learning in middle school, when we used to sit on the back porch and I would read Chiropractic books to him, and we would discuss them. This set the foundation for my understanding of Chiropractic. As I have gotten older, my passion for the philosophy, science, and art of my profession has continued to grow, but I am grounded in the wisdom and knowledge my father shared with me all those years ago.

I have now spent the last 16+ years serving my community through Chiropractic. I still look back fondly on my memories of being in my dad’s office. The experiences that led me to want to be a Chiropractor, and now my own memories as a practicing Chiropractor. I was lucky to know what I wanted to do with my life at a young age, and I am luckier still that I still love the path I have chosen. Every moment I spend with my patients is one I would never want to take back.

As I begin this next chapter of my journey in Chiropractic, I am excited to serve Stateline Community families! I look forward to meeting you and making you part of my Chiropractic family!


 Chiropractic Saved My Life

 Janet L. Casanova, BA, M.Ed., DC, LCP

            Keeping in mind that a certain amount of ill health is thought to be   normal, years of menstrual difficulty became accepted as “just being female”. It   wasn’t until I began Chiropractic care, after meeting my husband in the late   1970’s, that I learned most ill health does not need to be inevitable.

            Shortly after graduating from graduate school, with a Master’s in   Education in Speech Pathology and Audiology, I met my husband, Dr. Richard   P. Casanova. Although I was new to Chiropractic when we met, my first   Chiropractic adjustment proved to be the beginning of a whole new way of life.   My body seemed to innately know that something really good was happening   to it.

            I had developed cystic ovaries, intermittent achiness and pain in my   lower abdomen, pain and cramping before my menstrual, severely irregular   menstrual, anemia, and by my late twenties, I wasn’t ovulating, and therefore,   wasn’t fertile. In order to ovulate, I was told I would have to have a wedge slice   operation (where a portion of my ovaries would have to be removed) in order to   stimulate ovulation. I had been “doctoring” with gynecologists since the age of   14, had a laparoscopy to “diagnose” my cystic ovaries, and I just got   progressively worse. I knew what PMS was before the medically profession   officially name it. But remember, most females I knew had menstrual problems, to some degree or another. So, I just felt like a member of a huge club.

            You may think the discussion so far is a bit odd for a biography, it must be understood however, that one’s hormones play a huge part in one’s overall sense of well being. My hormone issues played a huge part in my life, up until I found Chiropractic.

            I was blessed to have found a Chiropractor that did the Grostic technique, and I was doubly blessed that he became my husband. Five years after my first adjustment, I conceived and miscarried. My sixth year, I had our daughter Brett (8lbs, 9oz.) and my pregnancy was totally normal, and my ovaries were no longer cystic, but smooth. My cycle became around 30 days, instead of whenever it felt like it. My overall quality of life was significantly improved.

            Chiropractic became my way of life, and it truly saved my life. Through the years, I worked with hearing impaired children, fit hearing aids, assisted my husband in his Chiropractic practice, assisted in the development and running of investment businesses, and started a privately funded public library in Northwest Florida (grew to 15,000 volumes after 5 years). As interesting as all those endeavors were, one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, is attending Chiropractic college. What made this experience extra special was going through Palmer with my daughter Brett. It was at Palmer, that I cemented my understanding of the philosophy of Chiropractic, and honed my adjusting skills. This wouldn’t have been possibly without the support and encouragement of my family.

            Regular and specific Chiropractic care has made a difference in my life, as well as the thousands of patients my husband had the privilege to care for. We would like to make a difference in your life too. Roscoe Chiropractic Centre is a family, serving families. We look forward to giving you the gift of health, through specific Chiropractic care.


Meet Our Staff

Our staff has been helping people live their best lives since this clinic opened in 1983. The staff is experienced and committed to promoting health.

Laura Porter - Chiropractic Assistant

Laura grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to Rockton 8 years ago with her husband and Rottweiler named Hans. She was a massage therapist for 6 years and has worked in the Chiropractic field for 10 years as a Chiropractic Assistant/Tech and Massage Therapist. We are fortunate that Laura has been a staple in our office now for the last 6 years. She loves to read and do photography in her spare time.