I began seeing Dr. Rini a month after having my first child and struggling for 4 months with severe pain in my back and legs when I walked.  I could barely move and even small chores like going to the grocery store were almost impossible.  I had visited two different doctors and was prescribed Vicadin multiple times. The meds didn't help and I didn't want to live my life reliant on Vicadin.

Dr. Rini was the first person to truly listen to my concerns and actually look into what was causing my pain. Now I have been seeing Dr. Chris for 3 months and am able to walk over an hour every night as well as care for my 4 month old. The regular activities that most people do without thinking are things I can do now as well.

I was very stupefied when I began seeing Dr. Chris. I hadn't ever been to a chiropractor and was nervous to trust him.  At this point, I trust him, he has proven to me that he truly cares about my health and will work with me to maintain my current lifestyle.


Over a year ago, I had an ankle swell and was very painful.  Four months later the other ankle did the same thing and I had also developed back pain so bad that I hated to go to bed.  By this time I was using a walker.  I had MRI's, x-rays, and ultrasounds.  At the end of seeing my primary doctor, rheumatologist, two podiatrists (one at University of WI) I was given braces for my feet and advised to sit and elevate my feet for 15 minutes and then get up and be active, etc.

I decided I would go and see Dr. Rini.  Today I am walking without a walker, can drive myself, really enjoy going to sleep!!! and enjoying life again.  Thanks Dr. Rini!!!