In 2018, we debuted a new program as Roscoe Chiropractic Centre: our Hall of Fame! We realized that after 35 years in Roscoe we had SOOO many wonderful, long term patients that we wanted to recognize and this was the best way to do it. Each member of our Hall of Fame receives a variety of gifts to recognize them for their dedication to our office, but also to Chiropractic. Thank you to everyone who has chose us to be their Chiropractors! 

Wally and Pat

Pat came in to see Dr. Rini after she was in a car accident and started to experience back pain, and prior to the car accident she was also having regular headaches.

Once Pat started experiencing the benefits of being under regular chiropractic care with fewer headaches and less lower back pain she referred her husband Wally in to see Dr. Rini, so that he could get relief from some of the aches and pains that he was experiencing in his neck and arm. Wally also turned to chiropractic care when he experienced an attack of Bell’s Palsy, which has helped him to recover the use of his facial muscles in a shorter time period! 
Pat and Wally make chiropractic a part of their lifestyle because it helps them to feel good each day along with giving them the chance to have a better life through regular chiropractic adjustments.

Pat says “Dr. Rini will make you feel better, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest!” 

Terry and Jan

Jan was referred to Dr. Rini by a co-worker who encouraged her to seek chiropractic care for her hip and low back pain. When Jan started to see benefits of being under chiropractic care she encouraged her husband Terry to start seeing Dr. Rini for his upper back pain.
Since starting care with Dr. Rini, Jan and Terry have had an improved quality of life, which allows them to maintain their active lifestyles with less aches and pains!
Jan and Terry say “They are great people to work with, and my Neurologist told me to continue seeing Dr. Rini.” 
Thank you Johnson family for your kind words and for helping to educate your family and friends on the benefits of being under regular chiropractic care! 


I began seeing Dr. Rini a month after having my first child and struggling for 4 months with severe pain in my back and legs when I walked.  I could barely move and even small chores like going to the grocery store were almost impossible.  I had visited two different doctors and was prescribed Vicodin multiple times. The meds didn't help and I didn't want to live my life reliant on Vicodin.

Dr. Rini was the first person to truly listen to my concerns and actually look into what was causing my pain. Now I have been seeing Dr. Chris for 3 months and am able to walk over an hour every night as well as care for my 4 month old. The regular activities that most people do without thinking are things I can do now as well.

I was very stupefied when I began seeing Dr. Chris. I hadn't ever been to a chiropractor and was nervous to trust him.  At this point, I trust him, he has proven to me that he truly cares about my health and will work with me to maintain my current lifestyle.


Over a year ago, I had an ankle swell and was very painful.  Four months later the other ankle did the same thing and I had also developed back pain so bad that I hated to go to bed.  By this time I was using a walker.  I had MRI's, x-rays, and ultrasounds.  At the end of seeing my primary doctor, rheumatologist, two podiatrists (one at University of WI) I was given braces for my feet and advised to sit and elevate my feet for 15 minutes and then get up and be active, etc.

I decided I would go and see Dr. Rini.  Today I am walking without a walker, can drive myself, really enjoy going to sleep!!! and enjoying life again.  Thanks Dr. Rini!!!