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Cracked, Not Slipped

Posted: May 22, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

The human body mimics nature’s design in many ways. One in particular is the likeness between your spinal discs and a cut tree trunk. The rings of a tree tell its age… the rings of our discs tell how you’ve aged!

Spinal discs consist of concentric annular rings (like a tree) with a soft central area called the Nucleus Pulposis. The nucleus responds to sustained pressure and works best mechanically when your spine is in proper alignment. What the lay public often calls a “slipped disc” is actually a stressed disc that has been subjected to poor spinal alignment over time, causing crack in the annular rings and “squishing” of the nucleus material in to the voids. Bulges lead to herniations, herniations lead to ruptures, ruptures lead to surgery and disability. 

Nothing will make you feel older than you are than having a disc problem. With the appropriate Chiropractic care, spinal distortions which lead to disc degeneration can be reversed…easing the lopsided pressure that splinters discs into ruin. If you’re suffering from chronic disc problems, getting back in alignment first could prevent you from aging faster than you have to!

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