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Repetition Restores

Posted: June 16, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

If your hand was taped in one position for years, and someone cut the tape off and tried to move it, what do you think would happen? Your hand would snap back to the position it was stuck in for all that time. But with repetition – normal movement and alignment can be restored. The same goes for your spine.

When vertebrae are misaligned and stuck chronically over time (subluxated), supporting muscles and ligaments tend to ‘hold’ them in that position. The first time a Chiropractor tries to adjust it, just like the taped hand, the vertebrae may shift back to the old position it was stuck in. That’s why ‘one and done’ rarely works in Chiropractic. It takes repetition to change.

Frequency and repetition are necessary components of any successful Chiropractic care plan. The more consistent you are with your adjustments, the better the results. For Chiropractors, the definition of sanity is doing the right thing over and over again until health is restored.

Restoration Care

Posted: June 9, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

Undertaking a restoration project can be a harrowing task. Depending on how much wear, tear and neglect you’re faced with, it could take several months and a lot of money to get your rusted classic back to the way it looked in its glory days!

Getting your spine back in shape can be a big restoration project too. Instead of re-chroming the bumpers, painting the trim and removing the rust, your Chiropractor will attempt to bring your spinal range of motion back to operating specs, correct any bad vertebral alignment issues and halt the progression of arthritic degeneration with protective care – all in an effort to undo years of neglect and poor maintenance.

Too often, people leave spinal care out of their health regiment – waiting until something “breaks down” before they give it proper attention. Unfortunately when it comes to your spine, it’s impossible to replace original parts once they’ve worn. So please, take care of the ones you have now!