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Nothing's Scarier Than a...

Posted: February 26, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Are you an overly anxious person? Is worry a perpetual state of your being? Unfortunately, that constant “fear of what’s lurking under your bed” mentality can be creating the chronic pain you have in your body right now.

According to Hans Selye MD, well known author of The Stress of Life, transient anxious states elicit a natural stress response in our bodies. However, prolonged and persistent levels of anxiety can cause an OVER reaction. Your muscles become so tight, they unintentionally pull your spine off its axis – creating posture distortions, chronic immobility and potential nerve damage (a.k.a subluxations). That’s how constant FEAR causes constant PAIN!

Nothing is scarier than living in a perpetual, subluxated state. If you know someone who’s suffering with chronic stress, anxiety and pain, tell them how chiropractic care can potentially pull them from the darkness of dis-ease into the light of health and happiness!

A Slow Robbery

Posted: February 19, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Having your house or car broken into is violating. The feelings of shock, loss and disbelief are usually immediate when you first see the rummage and devastation of the event. It’s obvious you’ve been robbed. But what if the theft happens slowly overtime?

Imagine having your house broken into day after day, week after week for years… all without your conscious awareness. The thief takes one small thing at a time – an obscure picture off the wall here, a small item tucked away in the draw there. Until one day they steal the ONE thing that makes you finally wake up and take notice. The ONE thing that defines WHO YOU ARE! Losing your health to subluxations is similar to that!

Every moment spent in a subluxated state robs your body of normal physiological function, slowly and silently without your awareness. Until one day the ONE thing that makes you “YOU” disappears… perhaps your ability to work, play with your kids or enjoy your favorite hobby. The question is, what are you going to do in 2019 to secure your nervous system and safeguard your health against the slow robbery?

A Chiropractic Valentine

Posted: February 12, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

There’s a lot to love about Chiropractic – the science of nerve function, the art of correcting posture and spinal alignment. But the best part is the philosophy that gives meaning to it all.

Physicians focus on body parts, psychologists analyze thoughts and clergy tend to matters of the spirt. But no one profession touches them all… your physical health, mental health and spiritual health like Chiropractic! You can’t experience any of these without a clear nerve system. When Chiropractors restore normal spinal alignment and clear away nerve stress, your ability to express physical, mental and spiritual health is simply better.

Love and Life thrive where things are aligned. The resolution of pain and restoration of function are nice side effects of Chiropractic – the thing we love the most, however, is when you become whole again. Have a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s week!

Limitation of Thoughts

Posted: February 5, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Principle #24 in Chiropractic states that the innate healing ability within us is limited by the matter it has to work with. In other words, your body’s ability to repair itself is only as good as the building material at its disposal – the right nutrients, DNA, etc. But healing limitations don’t only come from matter!

Limitations of understanding and belief can also stop the healing process in its tracks. How skeptical are you (or your family and friends) of your innate ability to heal? Doubt and unbelief are just as powerful at hindering the healing process as a poor diet. When it comes to recovering from sickness and dis-ease, simply “hoping to get better” won’t cut it. You need to really believe it, in order to achieve it! 

What you think about, you bring about! Your state of health is more a product of your thoughts and beliefs than you realize. Make sure you’re cultivating concepts of health, faith and resolve that support the work your Chiropractor is doing – instead of surrounding yourself with unbelievers and naysayers!