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IN-Dependence Day 2018

Posted: July 3, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

Here are some recent statistics to consider…




·         The United States consumes 80% of the world’s pain medication while only having 6% of the world’s population.


·         In the United States, deaths from pain medication abuse are outnumbering deaths from traffic accidents in young adults. 


·         An American dies from a prescription drug overdose every 19 minutes.




Chiropractors believe true freedom comes from IN-Dependence – relying on the power that made you, to heal you and keep you well! IN-Dependent Chiropractic patients know they innately possess what it takes to heal. They trust in the wisdom of their bodies to handle what ails them instead of running to the medicine cabinet for every cough or sniffle. They’re the 30% who would rather give Mother Nature the chance to do her job, than usurp her role with drug intervention.


Big Pharma won’t stop advertising and pushing their products until we’re 100% dependent on them. This Fourth of July when you’re celebrating our country’s freedom, take a moment to reflect on your body’s freedom as well. Are you truly as IN-Dependent as you want to be?



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