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Holding You Together

Posted: June 5, 2018
By: The Weekly Sticky

The Major Premise of Chiropractic states “There is a universal intelligence in all matter that continually gives to it all its properties and action, thus maintaining it in existence.” Literally, something smart is holding the universe and all its components together in perfect organization and order!


Since you too are part of the universe, that unseen wisdom is holding you together as well – maintaining your physiological functions, your ability to resist life’s stresses and your state of heath. In Chiropractic terms, that special intelligence inside you, the one that’s holding your internal universe together is called “innate intelligence.” Without it, you wouldn’t be in existence.


So here’s a great question to ask Dr. Chris on your next visit.: if the same power that holds the cosmos together is inside you, holding you together in perfect organization and operation, how could something dead or artificial from the outside (like a pill, a portion or prescription) do a better job of healing you than what your inner power is already capable of – as long as it’s not interfered with?

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