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Scaring Your Health Away

Posted: October 31, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Are you an overly anxious person? Is worry a perpetual state of your being? Unfortunately, that constant “fear” of what’ lurking under your bed mentality can be creating the chronic pain you have in your body right now!

According to Hans Selye MD, well known author of The Stress of Life, transient anxious states elicit a natural stress response in our bodies. However, prolonged and persistent levels of anxiety can cause an overreaction. Your muscles become so tight, they unintentionally pull your spine off its axis – creating posture distortions, chronic immobility and potential nerve damage (a.k.a subluxations). That’s how constant fear causes constant pain.

Nothing is scarier than living in a perpetual, subluxated state. If you know someone who’s suffering with chronic stress, anxiety and pain, tell them how Chiropractic care can potentially pull them from the darkness of dis-ease into the light of health and happiness. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

May Cause Corrosion

Posted: October 22, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

If having painful arthritis wasn’t bad, now a popular medical treatment for joint pain may actually make the degeneration worse. Steroid injections have been long touted as an effective way to reduce joint inflammation and pain, but could they be doing more harm than good?

Researchers are noticing an acceleration of the patients’ osteoarthritis progression, as well as other negative effects including subchondral insufficiency fracture, osteonecrosis and rapid joint destruction with bone loss after undergoing the procedure multiple times – as if the steroid injections were corroding the joints, instead of healing them.

It isn’t uncommon to hear a patient say they’ve had multiple steroid injections over short period of time. But you have to ask yourself… is too much of a questionable thing really worth the risk? There are safer, more natural approaches to help your body heal itself – like Chiropractic!


Source: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/17/health/steroid-injections-study-trnd/index.html

Get in Gear

Posted: October 15, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

When you turn your neck or twist your back does your spine snap, grind and ratchet like a bicycle chain stuck in mid gear? That grating noise could mean something’s out of alignment.

Your spine is made up of movable bones called vertebrae, each joined perfectly together like the links of a bicycle chain. If one or more of these joints become stuck and misaligned it can slowly wreak havoc on the mechanical integrity of your entire spine. Don’t neglect the noises. Abnormal grinding (crepitus) of spinal joints may indicated early degenerative joint disease.

Remember, unlike a bicycle chain, you can’t replace spinal “links” when they get damaged. Get your vertebrae aligned by Dr. Rini who is thoroughly trained in restoring the normal mechanics of your spine, and protect yourself from premature wear and tear!

Stay on Target

Posted: October 8, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

What do darts, guided missiles and your health all have in common? They eventually hit what they’re pointed at.

Throwing darts, firing rockets and goal setting all exhibit “cybernetic” activity – once a final destination is determined, an internal, intelligent system takes over behind the scenes to guide you to the target. And as long as the target remains clear, that internal system will calculate the best way to get you there without conscious micro-management. Changing your health course works the same way.

When starting any health endeavor, whether it’s a new diet plan or a corrective Chiropractic program, set your goal and keep it pinned to the forefront of your mind to improve your odds of success. At times when it seems you’re off course (a plateau in your progress or a minor setback), remember the end result you “programmed in” and trust that your innate guidance system is working diligently to reach it. You get what you stay focused on!

The Dow of Healing

Posted: October 1, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Healing is like the stock market. It never progresses in a straight line. You’ve got to expect some ups and downs along the way.

You might experience a surge of relief when you first start your chiropractic care only to be followed by a “setback”. Soon you’re back on track, seeing huge improvements. Progress continues with bouts of highs and lows, and you may even experience a plateau or dip in your improvements. But don’t make the mistake of “pulling out of the market” early.

Keep the big picture in mind. Like stocks, the gains in chiropractic care are best seen over time. When you look back and see how far you’ve come since your first visit, you’ll realize the LIFE dividends are paying off! 

That’s why it’s so important that even though you are experiencing an up in your health you still get in to see Dr. Rini regularly. So he can help keep your health on the upswing, and decrease your downswings to fewer and far in between!