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A Conducive Environment

Posted: January 28, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

When farmers plant, they don’t question the seed’s innate ability to grow and produce crops. Neither do they dig the seeds up every day to verify they’re maturing underground. They simply prepare the soil as best as they can and trust nature to handle the rest.

Similarly, Chiropractors don’t question your innate ability to heal when we remove interference in your spine (Subluxations). We know that each human body is blessed with an internal intelligence – an auto pilot capable enough to coordinate and carry out all the steps required to build and repair damaged tissue when necessary. By adjusting, we’re simply maintaining an environment conducive for that healing process to occur (a clear nerves system) and TRUSTING the innate wisdom in the patient to run the show.

The only thing a doctor can ever heal is him or herself. Likewise, the only one capable of healing you is the “doctor” within you. The best physicians in the world recognize and yield to this awesome POWER within every patient! The best we can do is prep the soil and get out of its way.

Text Neck

Posted: January 21, 2020

Modern life has many advantages, but our bodies aren’t always prepared for the changes in the world. With our continual use of technology in today’s world, there is a new phenomenon called “Text Neck.”

What is Text Neck?

Text Neck is when someone looks down at their phone and their neck bends, so their head moves forward. For every inch that your head is held forward, an additional 10 pounds of pressure is placed on the supporting tissues of your neck and shoulders. This causes the person to have a more pronounced forward head carriage. From there it is a domino effect that causes subluxations to the cervical vertebrae, which in turn pinches the nerves and causes the muscles along the rear of the neck and upper back to accommodate for this extra load. As a result, they’ll experience stress and strain that is greater than normal!

How Can You Treat Text Neck?

Correcting your posture and being more aware of keeping your head up while looking at your phone is a great place to start, but getting in to see Dr. Rini for a regular chiropractic adjustment is the only way to help correct the subluxations in your neck and to restore its natural curve!

On the Same Page

Posted: January 15, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

You rarely hear a medical doctor prescribing to their patients the same care they do for their own families. Think about it, when was the last time our MD said “…here, try some of these antidepressants, statins and stomach acid inhibitors. I take them ALL to stay healthy and I give them to my family too.”

Most Chiropractors, however, cheerfully follow their own care recommendations – adjusting their family, friends and most importantly THEMSELVES to stay subluxation free and keep their bodies working at peak levels. Some adopted this “clear nerve system” lifestyle from a miraculous chiropractic experience they had before becoming one themselves… others because their parents brought them as a child or they descended from a long lineage of Chiropractors. Whatever the reason, prioritizing regular care in their OWN lives gives it so much more validity in YOURS!

Isn’t it nice to know that in a day and age of false advertising and idle promises there are DC’s who walk and talk and keep their spines aligned just like you? Do you know why your doctor decided to become a Chiropractor? The answer may inspire you.

Wear and Tear Happens

Posted: January 7, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

Your doctor determined from your last set of X-Rays that you have arthritis in your spine. Now you’re concerned with how it got there. Was it the physical stress of your job? The 15 years of league bowling? Or maybe the accident you had when you were a teenager? It’s hard to tell.

When it comes to arthritis the underlying cause isn’t necessarily what you DID, but more what you HAVEN’T BEEN DOING. Do you maximize the range of motion in your body every day? Do you regularly have your spine checked for subluxations? Joints wear down faster when they’re stuck and misaligned – that’s why it’s important to keep them lined up and moving with regularly spaced Chiropractic care!

Blaming the activities in your life for your arthritis is like blaming the sidewalk for scuffing your shoes. Things naturally wear down when you use them over time, including your spine. Instead of worrying about the wear and tear you have, start doing something NOW to slow the process! Getting adjusted more often is a good place to start.