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Healing in a Hurricane

Posted: July 9, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

If the healing process can be equated to restoring a house, imagine what it would be like trying to perform renovations during a Cat 3 Hurricane. This is how the constant barrage of external physical, chemical and emotional stresses can negatively affect your body’s natural building process – and no one is immune to it.

When asked what the most important contribution Chiropractic has to a person’s health, Dr. Thurman Fleet responded “adaptation.” Adaptation is the ability to face external stress and respond to it in a way that protects your internal physiology and leaves you stronger for it. Your nerve system holds the responsibility of assessing the outer world and constantly adjusting your inner world to survive in it. It’s the “storm wall” that stands between you and Mother Nature’s wrath!

Your ability to withstand wave after wave of daily stress ultimately determines your health. Regular chiropractic care maintains the nerve strength you need to stand firm in a world that is always trying to break you down. With a properly conditioned nerve system, you’ll be strong enough to handle whatever “weather” life throws at you!

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