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Healing with the Brakes on

Posted: September 9, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

Have you ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to staying healthy? You eat right, exercise five days a week and try to get enough sleep – you’ve got the “pedal to the metal” when it comes to staying fit, but something’s holding you back. Maybe it’s time to pay more attention to your nerve system.

Although you’ve got one foot on the gas, subluxations can put the brakes on your progress! Subluxations are troublesome misalignments in your spine that irritate your nerve system and rob you of potential health energy. The effect is like trying to drive with your brakes on. You’ve got your fitness throttle wide open, but you’re going nowhere fast.

If you want to stop spinning your wheels when it comes to your health, prioritize your spinal care. When it comes to unleashing more health horse power, nothing releases the brake like Chiropractic can!

Repetition Restores

Posted: June 16, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

If your hand was taped in one position for years, and someone cut the tape off and tried to move it, what do you think would happen? Your hand would snap back to the position it was stuck in for all that time. But with repetition – normal movement and alignment can be restored. The same goes for your spine.

When vertebrae are misaligned and stuck chronically over time (subluxated), supporting muscles and ligaments tend to ‘hold’ them in that position. The first time a Chiropractor tries to adjust it, just like the taped hand, the vertebrae may shift back to the old position it was stuck in. That’s why ‘one and done’ rarely works in Chiropractic. It takes repetition to change.

Frequency and repetition are necessary components of any successful Chiropractic care plan. The more consistent you are with your adjustments, the better the results. For Chiropractors, the definition of sanity is doing the right thing over and over again until health is restored.

Restoration Care

Posted: June 9, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

Undertaking a restoration project can be a harrowing task. Depending on how much wear, tear and neglect you’re faced with, it could take several months and a lot of money to get your rusted classic back to the way it looked in its glory days!

Getting your spine back in shape can be a big restoration project too. Instead of re-chroming the bumpers, painting the trim and removing the rust, your Chiropractor will attempt to bring your spinal range of motion back to operating specs, correct any bad vertebral alignment issues and halt the progression of arthritic degeneration with protective care – all in an effort to undo years of neglect and poor maintenance.

Too often, people leave spinal care out of their health regiment – waiting until something “breaks down” before they give it proper attention. Unfortunately when it comes to your spine, it’s impossible to replace original parts once they’ve worn. So please, take care of the ones you have now!

Process of Illumination

Posted: April 28, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

To eliminate darkness, you must add LIGHT. Darkness is nothing more than the void left behind in the absence of energy… in this case, “LIGHT.” Likewise, to eliminate coldness you must add the appropriate energy “HEAT” to fill the void left behind!

So if darkness is the absence of light, and coldness is the absence of heat, what can be said of disease? If there’s a Life Force in the body that provides health and order, could limiting the presence of that energy in the cells, tissues and organs of your body also leave behind a void? It in fact does, and Chiropractors call this void Dis-ease.

Chiropractors recognize that to eliminate dis-ease, you must add “HEALTH.” When you remove interference from the nerve system and allow vitalizing Life energy to illuminate every nook and cranny of the body, the void of dis-ease is overcome. 100% innate expression over time equals health. This is the formula on which our profession was founded and the sick get well!

Einstein Got it Right

Posted: March 17, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

One of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes is “Nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected.”

Motion is life… lack of motion is death. It’s a foundational reason why Chiropractors adjust spines – to restore normal motion to joints, mental impulses transmission through nerves and subsequently, Life throughout your entire body. When you become “connected” the Life inside you resonates positively to your loved ones, your community, and your planet!

If Einstein is right, the small act of moving a spine causes the entire universe to resonate with Life and Health – everything gets connected. And why wouldn’t you want to reap the benefits of that?

Daylight Adjustment Time

Posted: March 10, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

What does turning your clocks forward and adjustments have in common? Both give you more LIGHT – get it! The primary purpose of Chiropractic is to locate and correct Subluxations. If you break the word down you get:


SUB = Less, LUX = Light, and ATION = A state or condition of.


Subluxation literally means a state of less “Light” or energy caused when misaligned spinal bones restrict the flow of impulses through the nerve system. A Chiropractic adjustment corrects this misalignment, eases pressure off nerves and extends the time Life energy flows through you – giving you more opportunity to heal!

Now that the day light will be extended longer, remember your innate healing “Light” will also shine longer after every adjustment you receive. Spring forward into a healthy routine with Chiropractic!

Boosting Your Immune System

Posted: March 3, 2020

With spring on its way and with it comes warmer weather anda fresh feeling, sometimes we can’t avoid the miserable and inconvenience ofthe common cold. Our immune system is a vital part of us staying healthy, aswell as our bodies being able to function to its full potential, and ourlifestyles play a huge role in whether or not we stay healthy on a consistentbasis!How Can Chiropractic help boost the immune system?The nervous system and immune system are hardwired to worktogether to create optimal responses for the body and interact with each othermore often than you may think!The nervous system relays information to the brain from theentire body and can directly influence receptors in the immune system. Thebrain has the ability to use nerve cells to communicate directly with theimmune system and trigger an immune response, and vice versa. The immune systemcan send signals to the brain to let it know of any foreign, unwanted antigens.The brain can then tell the nervous system to react.  With the nerve system unhindered by subluxations somestudies have shown increased levels of antibodies and other essential cells inthe immune system following an adjustment. In some cases, patients who weresick with colds, sore throats, and sinus congestion reported acceleratedrecoveries after their adjustments! If you start to feelunder the weather call the office 815-623-8000 to get in to see Dr. Rini for animmune system boost, so that you can be back to your normal active self sooner!

When Your Healing Engine Stalls

Posted: February 25, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

An engine stall mid-driving, mid-boating, or worse yet mid-flight can certainly be a bad thing. Usually you’ll find an electrical system issue that initiated the stall… and the engines won’t fire until it’s addressed.

When old injuries fail to get 100% better, or an illness persists much longer than anticipated, it’s time to check your healing engines – and the first place to look should be your Nerve System. Nerves carry signals for muscle movement and sensation, but they also carry “neurotrophic” or tissue nourishing signals that influence growth and repair. Think of the person with limb atrophy from permanent nerve damage. Without proper nerve supply, body parts wither and die – the most common source of nerve flow restriction being a subluxated spine.

While there are many reasons for poor healing, nerve interference from spinal mis-alignments (subluxations) is a good place to start the trouble shooting process. Once normal nerve integrity and flow has been restored with proper adjustments, there’s a good chance your healing engines will start back up and you’ll be on the road to recovery again!

The Missing Piece

Posted: February 18, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

Setting goals for a healthier lifestyle is something we do every year… and for some, just about every month! No doubt there are a myriad of exercise plans, home gym equipment and diet regiments to choose from to restore your fitness and vitality – but will you include this important piece of the puzzle to become the healthiest version of you yet?

Eating right and exercising are important to restoring lost health. But your “best health” picture won’t be complete without a clear nerve system. Proper muscle function, efficient digestion and a good mental attitude depend on smooth transmission of signals within your nerve system – signals which can be interfered with if your spine is stiff, misaligned and in poor shape.

If you want to get the most out of any new healthy routine, make sure to pencil in a trip to your Chiropractor and have your spinal health evaluated for potential problems that could hold you back. If you fit in ALL the pieces of the puzzle, your hard work will certainly pay off.

Happy Chiro-Valentine's

Posted: February 12, 2020
By: The Weekly Sticky

There is a lot to love about Chiropractic – the science of nerve function, the art of correcting posture and spinal alignment. But the best part is the philosophy that gives meaning to it all.

Physicians focus on body parts. Psychologist analyze thoughts. Clergy tend to matters of the spirit. But no one profession touches them all… your physical health, mental health, and spiritual health like Chiropractic! You can’t experience any of these without a clear nerve system. When Chiropractors restore normal spinal alignment and clear away nerve stress, your ability to express physical, mental, and spiritual health is simply better.

Love and Life thrive where things are aligned. The resolution of pain and restoration of function are nice side effects of Chiropractic – the thing we love the most, however, is when you become whole again. Have a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s week!