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Like a Fine Wine

Posted: May 7, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

There’s an art to aging wine. The temperature of the cellar, the seal of the barrel, the exposure to proper elements – and of course, time. These factors combined, create the delicate balance needed to produce a classic vintage. Introduce stress and imbalance to that environment and you’ll end up with an inferior, worthless product.

Now consider your aging process. Are you providing your body with the elements and internal environment needed to grow finer over time? What about the amount of quality, mental impulse your body is exposed to on a daily basis – are your cells and tissues bathed with an abundance of life thriving nerve energy, or are the spinal branches of your nerve system choked by subluxations, leaving those cells to prematurely age and wither on the vine?

You have a choice of taking care of your spine and aging like a fine wine or neglecting it and degenerating into a weaker, less palatable version of yourself. Vintage health is a product of choice nutrition, proper exercise and of course – regular Chiropractic care!

Playing with Stress

Posted: April 30, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

According to Dr. Hans Selye, the father of stress and disease theories, “…it’s not stress that kills, it’s our reaction to it.” In essence, your health is influenced more by your inability to manage the tensions of life rather than avoiding them all together.

Our bodies take external stresses, (like money fears, conflict with family members or disappointments) and internalize them like a smoldering fire that slowly consumes our health. Smaller flames can be managed if dealt with in healthful manners, like routinely exercising and meditating. But failure to address those smaller flames causes them to grow out of control… eventually burning down the most important structure you’ll ever live in – your body!

It’s impossible to extinguish all the stress in your life. Something negative in your outer environment will always threaten your internal one. The best you can do is to mitigate the influence – and one great way is to keep your nerve system strong and clear with regular chiropractic care to avoid getting burned!

If You Think It's A Muscle

Posted: April 23, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

You’re right, your pain could be coming from a muscle. It could also be coming from a joint, a ligament, a tendon, some fascia, a bone, a blood vessel or just about any deep tissue. In reality, “classifying” your pain adds nothing to your healing process, but having a clear nerve system does!

Tissues devoid of animating LIFE cannot repair or heal. Cut into a LIFELESS steak (a muscle), and it will never mend. Injure a LIVE body part however, and it will reorganize itself successfully as long as it receives 100% innate intelligence from the nerve system – regardless of what sensation you feel. When that power of life flows – you heal! When it trickles – you don’t. When it stops – you die.

As Chiropractors, we have compassion for any discomfort you present with. But realize, while naming your “tissue of pain” (diagnosis) may provide some peace of mind… detecting and correcting the cause (adjustment) will restore your health. For us, what hurts is not nearly important as what’s Subluxated!

Out of Tune

Posted: April 15, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

You can’t sleep, your energy levels are low and you’re finding it harder to make it through your day. The specialists insist there’s nothing wrong, but you innately feel like something’s out of tune. Maybe it’s time to call the Chiropractor!

D.D. Palmer, the Father of Chiropractic, recognized that repetitive physical, chemical and emotional stress can alter the normal “tone” within a person’s Nerve System (a.k.a subluxation). This persistent irritation can lead to poor physical, mental and emotional performance. The solution? Restore normal tone to the Nerve System with specific, Chiropractic adjustments and better health will naturally follow!

Health is the “music” that plays when all your cells, tissues and organs vibrate perfectly in unison – orchestrated by a finely tuned Nerve System. If you’re feeling sluggish, weak and tired, a trip to the Chiropractor may be just the thing YOU need to get back in key!

Pushing Your Buttons

Posted: April 9, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Second floor – sinuses, ears, nose. Third floor – lungs, heart, liver. If you were a mental impulse and the spine were an elevator, every floor you select would lead you along a nerve path to a different section of the body – and if the elevator doors failed to open properly, you’d be trapped!

In 1921, Henry Winsor, MD studied the levels (or floors) nerves emerged from the spine and the effect blocking those nerves had on the organs to which they terminated. He discovered that fixed, arthritic and misaligned vertebral levels corresponded to a variety of chronic disease processes in the body… to the extent where Dr. Winsor proclaimed “…disease appears to precede old age and to cause it. The spine becomes stiff first and old age follows. Therefore, we may say a man is as old as his spine.”

Adjustments to specific vertebral levels aren’t just beneficial for tight spines and sore joints! The neurotrophic (nerve nourishing) effects of proper spinal alignment have a critical effect on your internal organs as well. Those impulses need a clear, unfettered path to flow through! We agree with Dr. Windsor… by keeping those pathways clear with regular chiropractic care, your health will surely be going up!

More Than A Knot

Posted: April 2, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Are those knots in your muscles back again? You just had a good massage, and you REALLY felt great after. But you wish that feeling would last for more than just a day or two. Maybe there’s something you can do to make your sessions have a longer, lasting effect!

Muscles that support your back and neck all day long, contract in unison with spinal joints to create stability and normal motion. But if those joints are subluxated (stuck and misaligned) your muscles end up pulling against unexpected forces… like trying to pull open a door you didn’t know was locked. Muscles experience the same jolt when trying to move a joint that won’t budge – creating recurring trigger points, tightness and the need for frequent massages.

To fix the problem, you must unlock the joints. Chiropractic adjustments restore normal motion and alignment to spinal segments so when freshly massaged muscles contract, they won’t re-knot themselves. That’s in addition to the resurgence of energy you get when your spine is well adjusted. Massage and Chiropractic Certainly go hand in hand!

Innate and the Three Bears

Posted: March 26, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

Remember the lead character in Goldilocks and the Three Bears? She didn’t settle for too hot, or too cold – too hard, or too soft. She kept trying until she found what was JUST RIGHT! When it comes to fighting disease, your body innately strives for the same thing.

Disease is nothing more than your body performing too much or too little of something. If your thyroid is under active, you have hypothyroidism. If your lungs over react to dust in the air, you experience asthma. If your heart pumps too hard, you have high blood pressure. Health on the other hand is when your body is clearly directed by its inner wisdom to produce, adapt, regenerate, secrete, eliminate, filter and metabolize to a degree that’s JUST RIGHT!

Chiropractors recognize that no doctor, pharmacy or research lab on the planet can live up to the awesome task of keeping EVERYTHING in your body working JUST RIGHT! Only innate intelligence, the immeasurable genius within you, is capable of handling that job. The best we can do as Chiropractors is to remove the stress that gets in its way. When we do, we know innate will only settle for what’s JUST RIGHT inside you!


Like a Box of Chocolates

Posted: March 19, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

According to Dr. Oz, the known side effects of mixing two prescription drugs are minimal at best. When you mix 3, the research is almost non existent… and more than that? Forget it! The scientists, doctors and pharmaceutical industries have no clue how those chemicals react together, much less in each individual person!

Balancing the body’s chemistry in a healthy way is not an easy task! How much stomach acid is required to digest a meal… what hormones are needed to facilitate cellular reactions… when should the flood of neurotransmitter be sped up or shut down. When it comes to our body’s chemical state, there’s only one thing smart enough to keep it all in perfect balance – and it isn’t Big Pharma!

Health is a balancing act best managed by the innate wisdom inside your body. Trying to override that wisdom from the outside with a mixed cocktail of prescriptions is risky and dangerous at best. Side effects are like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get!

After the Fall

Posted: March 12, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

According to the developer of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer, a clumsy slip and fall may seem like a small thing. But the cascade of events that follow could potentially lead to bigger problems down the road.

The slip, however insignificant, creates an unexpected jar to the spine… vertebrae become misaligned (subluxated)… nerve pressure ensues… tissues become starved of instruction… malfunction follows… sickness develops… potential is robbed… and the course of life is altered! All from an inconsequential, embarrassing moment in time – unless remedied soon after the event.

No matter how minor the slip, your chiropractor would rather evaluate you right away to be safe. Not only can they adjust you back into alignment if necessary, correcting subluxations sooner can thwart disruptions in your life (and the lives of others) later. After the fall, do us all a favor and get checked!

Maintaining the Goose

Posted: March 5, 2019
By: The Weekly Sticky

We all have excuses for not getting to the Chiropractor more often – too many appointments, too many responsibilities, too many “you fill in the blanks.” You’re the golden goose and you have little time and LOTS of people to keep happy. But what you don’t realize is those “I’m too busy” excuses are the EXACT reasons why you need to take better care of your spine and nerve system!

Every activity you perform starts as a mental impulse in your brain that travels through your spinal cord and nerves until it reaches its final destination. Nothing happens in your body without FIRST being patterned in the nerve system! From the simple act of getting up from a chair to more complex ones like balancing your books, everything you do in life is first done in your nerve system then executed in your body. And the more clear your nerve system is kept with regular chiropractic care, the more efficient and effective those jobs become!

A full plate is no excuse for missing adjustments. If you have co-workers and family depending on you, you owe it to them and yourself to maintain a clear nerve system so you can always perform to your best! A well adjusted goose lays more golden eggs!